Creations- How can Reiki help you find that creator in you to live your best life?

We are co creators of our own reality. We are guided by an inner compass that leads us hopefully in the direction of our dreams. Our lives unfold in a way that reflects thoughts and feelings of a time long gone by now. It stands to reason then that each moment that you are present for …you are creating a new reality for your future. This could be exciting. If you find yourself in a reality not of your choosing perhaps its time to fine tune your skills of intentional manifestation.

A strength of mine has always been as long as i can remember to be able to create a life i would choose. I am no different than any other soul walking this earth as far as potential goes. We all are capable of great things. One quality that sets me apart from those who struggle with manifestation is that I identify the following process as the absolute answer to living a fulfilling life that is purpose and passion driven. This process is simple. However, it is absolutely critical that you take each deeply into your heart and make these words your own

Ask– expressing a desire that would bring you joy, peace, happiness and abundance

Believe– trust that everything is in perfect order at all times. And understand that every moment will unfold as it should in perfect timing

recieve– open to receiving the desires of your heart and knowing with 100% of your being that it is coming to you and you deserve it

Clients come to me at various stages of this process asking for spiritual guidance. They often will say ” I am doing all of this but, nothing has happened for me” … In this statement there is at least one critical factor missing. Trust. Because if you are saying ” but, nothing has happened yet this suggests that you must control the timing in which it unfolds.

Each step if this process must be honored will 100% of your being. Go back to the steps . You are trusting that if this experience is for your best and highest good then it will come to you in perfect timing. Oftentimes though we create new realities for ourselves and perhaps that old desire no longer fits this current vibration.

So what can reiki do to help this? Reiki will help remove limiting thoughts of fear that can be caused by a build up of heavy energy . It rebalances your energy centers leaving you feel more clear minded and focused. This is optimal for finding pathways of success instead of obstacles of hinderance to your dreams.

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