Children’s angst. Where does this come from?

I have lots of little people coming to me now more than ever. They are all suffering with some level of anxiety and worry. Why are they so consumed with heaviness? Where does this come from?

From what I have seen ..these children are little sponges for picking up other peoples energy garbage. Some children have better boundaries than others. For those who are ultra sensitive they absorb energies from their friends and loved ones because they are so empathic and caring.

When they come to me I help them to establish a good connection to their inner selves. I find that this is where the struggles lie. They learn how to connect with their breath and their body. Reiki healing teaches them to open to receiving love , peace and balance within. This relaxes their tired, stress filled little bodies.

They learn how to protect themselves from harmful energies. Most importantly they are shown how to love and care for others without doing harm to themselves. Self care demonstrates inner connection and reminds ourselves that balance must always be struck .

The children each pick out a special rock that they feel drawn to from my collections. This is their reminder of a connection to nature and the strength that lies within them. Rocks have a solid and grounding energy message that reminds us that everything is in its place ….satisfying our basic needs so that we can focus on higher executive functions.

The children leave unburdened . The parents are at ease because they see the shift in their children that perhaps was long overdue. Oftentimes the smiles return to these children’s faces that had seldom been seen due to external stressors.

Reiki Heals Children…Parents…and Communites!!!

Connection to self matters