Suffering and inner turmoil … what If I told you it isn’t necessary?

Agony, emotional pain, suffering and inner turmoil are all experiences of the human existence. We must know the dark before we can truly appreciate the light. We must have the yang with the yin. These experiences make this life here on earth so full and rich. How can I possibly say such a thing? When there is so much pain and suffering in the world how can I possibly be so callous to suggest that there is a richness and fullness to these heavy and dark times? Love…heals….

I am blessed to see the world in such an expanded view. Each death I have encountered, each tragedy, every loss….. I have come to understand the perfection and the serendipitous nature in each. Love…heals….

How is that possible?  After I allow myself to sit in the emotion such as sadness and grief that inevitably ensues I will reflect on the beauty that each situation brought. Humanity…. Friends, family , loved ones, perfect strangers coming forward to demonstrate the love that pours out during these times. That is the place I choose to place my attention. These are the human conditions that make me proud to be alive and apart of it all. Love heals…..

And even these experiences we have labeled as “bad” , tragic or terrible are perfectly crafted to point us in the direction of lessons to take away. We are meant to grow and learn from them. The true tragedy is a lesson that has been lost… in my mind. People are so entrenched in the sorrow that they feel helpless to see anything else. It is a choice. Love heals….

My purpose in pointing this out is that there is no judgment in any of this. The beauty of life is that it is our life to choose. We choose to stand up. We choose when we lay down and when we give up or give in. We choose, we choose and then …we choose again. And it is all beautiful. Every bit of. In my heart there is no judgement for the soul who chooses to lay down and curl up. My hope for each of you is that you remain aware however, that you have every power within you to choose life. You have every bit of strength to say I want to grow in the knowledge and abundance that is all around me. Love..heals…..

The universe wants to provide this abundance and these spectacular life experiences. Please choose…. to open your heart to receive it all. You will never be sorry you did. Never!!! Love….heals….

Love and tremendous light Always coming at you,

Your Friend in Light,