Testimonials to Golden Room Reiki

“The first time Katie did Reiki on me it was for a Migraine. I felt relief literally in minutes and thought it was magic. Nothing relieves my migraines. I then went on to do  full sessions after that and always noticed immediate results. Amazing experiences.” – Kaylie Deshane 29

“Katie has been guiding me on my path through life since I was 19. She counseled me on healthy eating, manifesting, law of attraction and a more natural lifestyle. She taught me how to feel energy in my hands before I ever thought of becoming an acupuncturist. One time when working with Katie I had severe right lower quadrant pain. I  had been to the hospital ER twice that week. While performing Reiki on me she discovered that i had a block of energy there. She encouraged me to go back to the ER where it was determined I did in fact have appendicitis despite the fact that my White blood cell count never went up. I have since kept in contact with Katie and have tried to remember to incorporate her lessons and the tools she has shown me in my life as they can be quite beneficial when you are in a “tough Spot”. I cannot imagine how my life path would be without her influence in my life.”- Talia Foster 28

“ Reiki reduces my need for medication for my seizures and anxiety. I don’t like to take medication. It also makes me more talkative so I interact more with others which adds to my happiness.” – Christopher Leonard  20

“If you haven’t experienced Reiki…you must! My first experience was about a year and a half  ago when I was going through extreme emotional stress. I left her table with this deep sense of clarity and new found inner strenth. Katie has also done Reiki on me when I had a migraine coming on and within minutes it was gone. I have had numerous experiences such as this. Experience it for yourself. Love her!!!”  -Stacy VanBrocklin 

“My children get many benefits from Reiki with Katie Davis. They benefit from her trusting, genuinely caring demeanor. They feel they can talk to her about anything. They ask to go see her once a month to rest and reset. They love picking out a special rock from her garden that keeps them in tune with Earth. They always tell me they feel better after they see her. My son with ADHD, who does not rest or sleep well is learning how to rest. My daughter is learning how to stand up for herself. Katie not only does Reiki but talks to them about appropriate ways to manage changes they are making as they grow. She is also my “mom” mentor as I navigate parenting.” -Beth Nee

“Katie has such an amazing and calming presence! I had a Reiki session with her and felt so at peace during and after our session. Even after the session Katie has continued to offer her guidence and advice through text messages, as I live out of town. Katie has also been guiding us on how to create positive energy in our home through the use of sage and setting positive intentions. I feel so empowered after speaking with her!! She has been so wonderful and I truly value her knowledge and advice!” – Janelle Perfetto

“I had the most amazing experience for my first time at reiki with Katie! I suffer from anxiety and migraines/headaches. When Katie put her hands on my head I got this sudden warming sensation and my headache was gone within minutes. It was amazing! Can’t wait for my next session.” – Sarah Keleher   

“Reiki has been a life line for myself and my infant. I have sought treatment from Katie for a range of needs from trauma to basic re-balancing. I had such positive results from the treatment that I recently sought treatment for my infant who was experiencing digestive issues and difficulty sleeping. His progress has been remarkable! Katie takes the time to help patients understand the science behind the practice and provides tools for self healing and maintaining balance. Katie has an extraordinary gift. I am so glad she has chosen to share it with us! -Erin Lassial”

“What an amazing, eye opening session with Katie. I felt so at home and welcomed. Katie has so much compassion and love for Her clients and you can see her passion shine to sincerely help others and their well being. I could actually feel the energy shift in my body. Thank you! 🙏🏻”- Danielle Curry  

” I met Katie at a women’s Goddess class she and her colleague presented. I have seen Katie for reiki twice and have a third appointment scheduled. Whenever I see her for reiki or in public, I am naturally pulled towards her. I am working very hard on focusing on myself and have had great success heading in a positive direction. Katie is a beautiful goddess who exhibits positive healing energy, kindness, truth, compassion, gentleness and has allowed me to feel beautiful just the way I am. I am forever thankful for your presence Katie ! “-Liane Eggleston

”Katie Is one of the few people I trust to receive Reiki/energetic healing from. Recently she took me through some incredible Breathplay that brought to the surface some heavy energy in the form of pain in my shoulder, arm and neck. She did Reiki for it and the next day the pain was gone. Was super cool to receive this online via video call. Highly recommend!!” –  Bharat Oza