Changing times

What on earth is happening right now around us? It would be easy for us to focus on the chaos, calamity, destruction, hatred and intolerance for others in the world. But, throughout history laws of nature have proven time and time again that balance will always be restored one way or another. If we look behind the scenes of the visibly noticeable destruction we will see that lightworkers around us are gently restoring faith in humanity. Rescue workers are busy saving lives, kind hearted are donating blankets, food and in many cases shelter to those less fortunate or victims of disaster. Protestors line the streets to keep lawmakers held accountable. People are stepping up to restore balance. It’s everywhere you look.

Choose to see the good. Choose to see what’s real. Choose to see those who remain open hearted when times are tough. And in case you haven’t noticed… that time is now!!! Choose to see light and stand in unison with those around you who also see it. They will remind you when you are weary. They will remind you of the light when you struggle to see it yourself. We will overcome these shadowed times. We already are…

A quote from Martin Luther King Jr

“ Darkness can not drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. “

hands of light

Light Always from within,