photo: Courtesy of Zoe Ferguson

Experiences in the body are received as either a threat to an individual’s well being or possibilities for growth. There are real threats that we know are felt as traumatic to the body, mind and spirit. When an event is felt deeply at that threat level, a host of reactions occur on the molecular and chemical level’s in the body. Unhealthy patterns of behavior are formed in relation to these fear based reactions.

Society’s current model has taught us that trauma is lasting and cannot be undone. The body however, is perfectly capable of repairing itself if given the opportunities for success at healing.

A common thread seen in my experience specializing in energy health is that those afflicted with trapped emotions of traumatic events are stuck in the mind with memories of past events and (or) fear of future events that may never occur.

The program Golden Room Reiki inspires will give the individual back the power that they have given over to something outside themselves. The individual will shift their prospective’s to the present moment and see possibilities for growth in each new experience going forward.