Workshops and classes

Goddess Classes and Retreats

These classes got their start to remind woman that they already possess every characteristic of strength that they will need to power through and create the life they were intended to all along. Each dream, each vision that was once too far in the distance is now brought to the forefront. Limitations of the mind and self created blocks are gently scrubbed away leaving clarity and focus to conquer the new creations set forth.

Sarah Pickard and Katie Davis lead these incredible woman forward toward “Revealing Your Goddess Power”  in the Level I class. Retreats are offered at the second level called “Living the Goddess Within”. Trish Varney joins the retreats in assistance with her divinely orchestrated creative wisdom through artistic release work. Classes are currently held throughout the year . Information on event times can be found by inquiring at or with Sarah Pickard.

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Self Care 

Self care is a generic term for the practices of engaging in health sustaining maintenance of the mind body connection for purposes of pursuing an individuals passions. The workshop I created is designed to help individuals understand and identify new ways to connect with themselves. Individuals that are care takers in some way or are in human services lose a sense of purpose and direction as they are often energy depleted. This workshop reestablishes connection to the self and clearly delineates the importance of self care and a healthy mindset for wellness. Best practices are demonstrated for creating a healthy presence of mind each morning. Personal Leadership strategies are also given to help these individuals stay on task throughout their day optimizing the ability to make better personal choices. This ultimately leads to overall well being allowing them to be better positioned to carry out their life purposes and better yet their passions. 

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Trauma workshop

created to help individuals explore the release of experiences that they have trapped in their bodies as stress. Identifying the triggers that keep you a victim are necessary to put trauma experiences in the past. This program helps the individual understand that we don’t need to give these experiences more power than necessary. We must accept these life cirmstances as necessary for growth … make peace with the truth of what is… and choose to shift our perceptions toward possibilities for peace instead of potential threats to our existence . For more information on future workshops please contact me at